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SUNRISE JEWELLERS was established in 1960 by Mr. Surya Narayana and has been successfully managing by Mr. Y.S.Nagaraj since 1980. Thanks to his visionary thinking & Quality consciousness, now SUNRISE is a brand synonyms with Best in Class Quality, Perfection in finish, Innovative in Designs and Ethics in Business.
Sunrise Jewellers is a company that is well known and trusted throughout India as a producer of Silver articles and Jewellery. Sunrise is known for flawless craftsmanship and the impeccable beauty of its creations. Sunrise has its own sophisticated manufacturing unit in Bangalore and employing crafts-men with over 20 years of experience allow to maintain the quality of the process & product till it reaches the customer.
With products ranging from extravagant and opulent designs using exceptional techniques to run-of-the-mill designs like coins, Sunrise Jewellers products are extensive and unique. We have one of the most highly skillful team of Artisans & Silversmiths who can translate the imagination into magnificent & unique pieces. In-house designs ensure innovations and exceptional pieces that cannot be found else-where. Sunrise Jewellers always stands out in a crowd and make our customers feel proud. With wholesale store strategically located in Avenue Road , now expanding the retail stores across Bangalore to expand the list of our happy Customers. With reputable and knowledgeable staff, service is always guaranteed with a smile.